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The album “Here” is Anna Halldorsdottir’s third solo album.  Recorded on a farm in Iceland, it was completed during 9 stormy and 3 sunny October days.  Anna and her old hometown friend, and collaborator on the album, Davíd Thór Jónsson, transformed the farm into a studio where they worked together with a few other Icelandic artists crafting the fresh sounds for these 13 songs.  Final recordings, mix and mastering were completed in New York City.


“Here” includes a charity effort in support of CED Home orphanage in North India.  CED was co-founded by dear friend and Buddhist monk Lama Tenzin Choegyal to help children from the extremely poor region of Himalayan Dolpo flourish through proper nutrition as well as advanced education.  By purchasing Anna’s album or individual songs, you are also supporting CED Home.   For more information about CED, please visit the website of Partnerships for Change:


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